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Imagine a day filled with ensuring your favorite snacks are perfectly stocked, collaborating with store teams to create eye-catching displays, and building strong relationships with retail partners – that's the life of working as a Merchandiser at Mondelez. From Oreo and Ritz to BelVita and Wheat Thins, help bring our beloved brands to families and homes across the country. Join the team bringing joy through snacks!

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Embrace a culture of lifelong learning and career exploration at Mondelez, where we'll empower you to discover your true potential and shape your future.


Differences Make Us Stronger

We believe that passion and personality are the heart of a great workplace. We encourage our employees to bring their authentic selves to work, to share their unique perspectives, and to embrace the diversity that makes our team truly special.


Work With The World’s Most Beloved Brands

With us you can play an important role in our mission to make the future of snacking even more tasty and nutritious.

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Hear FRom Our People

“I love taking ownership, and pride in my stores. Imagine walking into a store, and being able to say, “I did that!” The biggest perk is being trusted, by major retailers, to service them, knowing that you will leave them in excellent condition. The sense of accomplishment that you feel at the end of your workday day is amazing.”


Julie Starks, Full-Time Order Writer

Joined MDLZ in 2019 as a Part-Time Merchandiser

“I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment that retail merchandising at Mondelez offers. Being from a family with many years of experience at Mondelez, I really love the fact that what I merchandise and where I merchandise will bring joy to so many consumers! I feel as though my assigned area is my own business!”


Alexandria Terwilleger, Full-Time Merchandiser/Order Writer

Joined MDLZ in 2019 as a Part Time Merchandiser

“What I like most about the job is having the flexibility to start early in the morning, having the weekends off, and having a company car. The ability to help others to become successful in the company. Working in Sales is all about providing our customers with excellent service, and representing the company and brand in each store we service.”


Justin Cropper, Sales Representative

Joined MDLZ in 2019 as a Senior Sales Representative

“I love the flexibility of the job, having a family and working sometimes can take a village and this job has offered me the possibility to handle both. I love working with people, coaching them, and supporting the team success through small and consistent steps. I love that I can learn from my team, and the customers I get to chat with in the stores.”


Mariana Destro-Miller, Retail Merchandising Supervisor

Joined MDLZ in 2016 as a Sales Representative

“I love that Mondelez invests in its employees’ professional growth. I have been in mentorship programs that have helped develop my career and allowed me to network with a lot of people within the company. I like being able to build strong relationships with my team members and having positive working environment.”


Courtney Miller, Retail Merchandising Supervisor

Joined MDLZ in 2019 as a Full Time Merchandiser

“What I like most about working for Mondelez is the freedom I have to get my job done. I enjoy selling and take it as a challenge to improve every day...it keeps me focused, engaged and hungry. I also enjoy building relationships with my customers. This role keeps me motivated because I have the potential to earn based on my work.”


Anthony Argentino, Sales Representative

Joined MDLZ in 2013 as a Part Time Merchandiser

“What I have enjoyed most at Mondelez are the people and teams I have worked with. There has always been a great feeling of community that has helped me progress in my career. I have also had the pleasure of working with many talented people that has also pushed me to be the best I can be in my work.”


Mimi Phongsavan, Customer Retail Coordinator

Joined MDLZ in 2018 as a Sales Associate

“I love the ability to be creative while still protecting the business at its core. Working in sales is rewarding by engaging with our people who bring the joy of our brands to life. Sales is fast paced and keeps us on our toes, it has taught me to be proactive and to keep moving forward in a growth trajectory in my career.”


Lauren Neville, Sales Initiative Manager

Joined MDLZ in 2020 as a Sales Associate


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